Rain delivers good results in the central west

6th March 2018 2:59 PM
SOGGY FUN: Hudson and Hadley Oakhill of Bernfels Station 70k NW of Winton. 335mm rain since Saturday. SOGGY FUN: Hudson and Hadley Oakhill of Bernfels Station 70k NW of Winton. 335mm rain since Saturday. TAHNEE OAKHILL

RAIN has been welcomed by rural areas around Queensland with some areas recording up to 400mm.

Areas between Mt Isa and Richmond have received falls up to 400mm, and further south in areas such as Longreach, Winton and Charleville have received between 70 and 200mm.

One property that has received some of this much-needed downpour is Wando owned by John and Donna Paynter.

The 12140 hectare property located 45km east of Winton and has received 146mm of rain since Sunday.

"The last time we saw rain like this was in the early 2000s, then after that we had a couple of lean years,” Mr Paynter said.

"We had a very dry year in 2015, 2016 was reasonable and then last year was lean again.”

Mr Paynter said the downpour has started putting much needed-water into their dams.

"We have eight dams, and so far we know three of them are full,” he said.

"The continued rain we're getting at the moment will fill the rest of them as well.”

"When the rain clears and the sun comes out the land will start to recover and then the feed will start to grow for the goats, cows and sheep.”

70km north-west of Winton is the Oakhill family who have also received a drenching.

"We've had 335mm since last Saturday,” Tahnee Oakhill said.

"Here's to hoping those who need the rain get it too.”

Further north in Cloncurry the McMillan family received a record breaking 300mm of rain last Friday night.

Mark McMillan's daughter Mia was only four years old when Cylone Yasi dumped the last decent rainfall to the area.

She is now 11 and is loving the rain.

"Our last decent rainfall total was in February 2011 with 385mm over 10 days,” he said.

"It's been a long time between drinks.”

David Crock from the Bureau of Meteorology said the rain had been cause by a tropical low in the north-west.

"The tropical low in the north-west part of Queensland has dropped a lot of rain in the north, western and central western part of the state,” he said.

"The rain will keep falling and will then start to track west towards the Northern Territory border, and it will begin to clear up in the eastern and central districts.

"By Friday (today) the state will be sunny.”

There have also been reports of a possible cyclone formation over the weekend.

"There is a reasonable chance of a cyclone forming in The Gulf towards the weekend and we will be watching it very closely,” he said.

"We will be monitoring it, but there is the chance it won't make landfall.

"There's also a low chance a cyclone could form in the Coral Sea next week, but there's every chance it could just stay out to sea.”