South-west Queensland farmers praise rainfall

7th March 2018 8:52 AM
GREAT SIGHT: Zara and Isobella Agar strolling through the water with their dog Bonnie and merino lamb Olive Oyle on Barbara Plans in south-west Queensland this week. GREAT SIGHT: Zara and Isobella Agar strolling through the water with their dog Bonnie and merino lamb Olive Oyle on Barbara Plans in south-west Queensland this week. Tricia Agar

SOME south-west producers have seen water in places it hasn't been for seven years.

On Jeffery and Tricia Agar's property, Barbara Plains in Wyandra, they had received 65mm up until Tuesday night.

Mrs Agar said water flowing past the dam from Dead Man's Flats in Talpa, Wyandra, was the biggest run on the flat since 2011.

"The recent rain has changed our outlook for the oncoming months, as we were teetering on the brink of having to sell many of our stock that we have managed to keep, after more than five years of drought,” she said.

"With winter approaching, it is imperative that we have grass going into these cold months as we have had too many years where the summer rains have failed.

"It will take prolonged rain events to bring back the grasses that have died out after the extended dry years. Most grass will have to come from seed, and that takes a lot of rain to repopulate the grass lands.

"This rainfall event has been spasmodic for south-west Queensland. Some pockets have received decent falls of rain that will make a difference how these producers will go into winter, while other areas have received low or no rain at all.

"Widespread general rain is needed really put a halt to this present drought.”

Peter Fisher was excited about the rain he had over his 14,500 hectare property, Quilberry, in Wyandra.

"Since last Saturday we've had between 40mm and 81mm spread over the place,” he said.

"We'll be able to stop pushing scrub for a while and hopefully be able to take in some cattle and wean some calves. We've had them in two paddocks just pushing scrub.

"Hopefully we'll be able to manage what we've got, 300 cows and their progeny. Some of the calves, 50 or 60, are weaner size that we should be able to take off now.”

Mr Fisher said the last good rain they had was in winter 2016, and the last good summer rain was in 2014.

Kylie Savidge said the creeks were flowing at Southampton, St George, despite seeing minimal rainfall.

Water was gushing over the Mail Road crossing.

"I went out to start the bore pump in the afternoon late,” Ms Savidge said. "Got quite a surprise when I got to the creek as the mailman had told us that is was the only creek in Queensland not running this morning when he came.

"Must have been good rain up stream somewhere.”

Neabul Creek was full of water at the Glenmuir Crossing on Southampton Road.

"Our rainfall total to date since this rain event started is 42.75 mm,” Ms Savidge said.

"To put that in perspective our neighbour one place over to the south of us had 178mm last night.”

Wendy Sheehan from Trinidad Station, north-west of Quilpie, said she was grateful for the rain. One side of the station received 28mm and another received 85mm, with Trinidad House receiving 53mm in three days.

"We thought we might not get much based on earlier forecasts, and it's such a wonderful feeling of lightness, truly a weight is lifted,” Mrs Sheehan said.

"We were feeding out 1.5 tonne of cotton seed every two days before this rain.

"Since mid-December we had had 2.5mm prior to this rain.

"Really hoping everyone who may have missed out, gets good rain soon.”

Other totals

Spring Hill near Charleville received 107mm. Wyandra received 64mm. Woodlands, south of Mitchell, received 113mm. Ballymena, north of Goondiwindi saw 101mm. Oakey saw 78mm.

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